Squirrels and Learning

My colleague shared this video with me.  Her daughter, E, is studying education at a nearby college and her clever professor, Professor Wilson, shared the video during an education class. I. Love. This. Video.  It is appropriate viewing for teachers, parents and all allies.

For my education students, see if you can make connections to scaffolding, modeling, the importance of clear learning goals and objectives, the significance of caring adults, IFSPs/IEPs, and any other edu-ideas that come to you.  Leave your comments below under the "comment" feature.  Like all YouTube videos, you can make the video larger by clicking on the full screen option located at the bottom, right corner of the video window.

I'm looking forward to your reactions and connections.  Big thanks, to my colleague, E, and Professor Wilson for sharing this video with me and agreeing it would be blog-worthy.

All the best,