Montessori Education and School Reform

You know my passions - Lil O and Paul, Colorado, technology, craftucation, and Montessori Education.

I grinned from ear-to-ear the other day in one of my college classes.  One of my undergraduate students raised her hand and asked, "So, how do you become a Montessori teacher?"

It was like music to my ears. 

This recent article on school reform and Montessori Education is fantastic.  If you don't know what Montessori Education is all about, this article will clearly inform you.  If you already are a supporter of Montessori Education, you will be cheering.

Thanks to Ms. J and the lovely author of this article, Laura Flores Shaw, for sharing.


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  1. i must find a way to finance a montessori education for my wee ones. i must. thanks for sharing!

  2. Kim -

    I have an idea....since you already have a degree, why don't you go to Loyola College and earn your masters in Montessori Education? The training seems magical. Go check it out. It is at the Columbia location.



  3. Jen,

    i love that idea!


  4. I remember that class. I'm definitely glad to have had that question answered. After hearing about it from you all semester and talking to a friend of mine who used to attend a Montessori school, I've been giving it some thought...

    Mike H.