Khan Academy for Tech Tuesday

Some of you might be rolling your eyes right now.  Like, "Who hasn't heard of Khan Academy?"  But, let's just say this is a friendly reminder that Khan Academy is AWESOME.  Yep, capital letters were completely required there.

Where on earth can you find simple narrated videos that describe basic addition AND go on to have extensive sections in algebra, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, probability, and calculus?  For FREE.  Yep, more capital letters.

AND, if that wasn't enough, how about the science section?  I know you are different from me.  Me, who bluffed my way through chemistry class in high school and could stand to watch all 104 Khan Academy lessons on chemistry (not to mention the whole section on Organic Chem, too).  Are you serious?   And Mom, if you are reading, I was just kidding about the bluffing-my-way-through chemistry-class-thing.

Khan Academy offers free videos in other subjects, too, like humanities and the social sciences.  AND just to add more icing to this fabulous free cupcake of a resource, Khan offers free PRACTICE exercises, too.  FREE.  FABULOUS.  AMAZING. 

Khan Academy, I predict, will change the way the world learns.

Mark my words,

PS - We can all thank kind, generous, brilliant Salman Khan who was innocently tutoring his cousin via a doodle/messenger program and voila, Khan Academy was born.  It doesn't hurt that the Amazing Kahn has several degrees from MIT and an MBA from Harvard.  Kind.  Generous.  Brilliant, indeed.

PSS - For all you data lovers, Khan Academy has cool stat and data reports you can run on a student's progress while they use Khan's resources.  These tools would be great for homeschoolers and parents, too.

PSSS - Check back this week, I've got a nice pairing to Khan coming your way called the Flipped Classroom :)