BrainPOP for Tech Tuesday {& Free Trial}

Since I literally have the most creative, brightest, college students in the world, I've asked them to join Upcycled Education and blog with me.  Please welcome, student blogger:  Kim.  You might remember her from her maiden post here.

About Kim:
I am a parent, educator-in-training, COG Kids Contributor, recycler of almost everything, self-proclaimed artist, craver of all things hot, really awful singer, & very loyal friend.  I'd like to add, Kim is an amazing student. A-MA-ZING.
Kim, take it away...

BrainPOP is a subscription-based website that offers animated, curriculum-based content for grades K-12 (and such colorful content, I might add). BrainPOP's content is in a variety of subject areas: science, social studies, English, math, engineering, health, art and music.  Here is an example of its science offerings:

When you click on the BrainPOP Educators link, BrainPOP provides free access to lesson plans, video tutorials, professional development tools, graphic organizers, best practices, games, and so much more!  There are also engaging animated movies on a variety of topics.  Tim and Moby, the silly stars of these animated movies, explain things succinctly and keep their audiences’ attention. 
BrainPOP Educators is free, but the majority of the regular BrainPOP content is subscription-based - meaning you pay a fee ($85/year for at home/family use; $135/classroom use).  Luckily, our friends at BrainPOP provide details on how to apply for grants so that educators can obtain funding for materials or projects.  How helpful, especially if a paid BrainPOP membership is on your classroom wish list! 

The forums and educators blog let you see what other educators are doing with the BrainPOP content and their students.  This is right up my alley:  I am much better at putting my own fresh spin on an idea than I am at coming up with the entire idea from scratch.  BrainPOP is a one-stop-shop for educational resources!  It is definitely worth checking out.
  Here is an example of some of the free content for educators.  Who doesn't love a good graphic organizer?

Kim, thank you for introducing me and the Upcyclists to BrainPOP.  Until Kim mentioned it, I had never heard of it before.  Now, I am entranced.

{Free Trial} - THIS EXPIRED :(
The folks at BrainPOP have kindly given Upcycled Education readers a free 30-day trial (instead of their usually free 5-day one).  Go here and choose "Upcycled Education in the "where did you meet or hear about us" menu to activate yours.