Paint Swatch Garland

This weekend, the weather report is calling for mixed snow and rain.  I'm all about the winter, as many of you know, remember this collage post here?  But, mixed snow and rain?  That is not my favorite combo from Mama Nature herself.  Good thing, my mama is visiting from TN and brings sunshine with her by just being....her.

Now, it's time to lighten things up myself....I think some paint swatch garland will do the trick.

Join me?  Free paint swatches + punched out shapes + holes + string + an industrious six-year-old who likes to faux sew = happiness and a whole lot of color!

If you are looking for more paint swatch ideas that are classroom specific, do check out this one:


PS - Welcome new college students who are just reading Upcycled Education for the first time.  Thanks for joining!  Remember when we spoke about "Think Pair Share?"  You can read that short post here.