Paint Swatch Bookmarks

I know, I know....two paint swatch posts in a row.  Forgive me.  What can I say?  I'm addicted to free things that are colorful....and pretty....and entertaining....and free.  Ok, I'll stop.

Right before the holidays, lil O and I made these easy peasy bookmarks for friends and family.  Here's the skinny if you need a winter project (and yes, one day I will blog about something completely unrelated to free paint swatches).  Today is not that day.  Obviously.

1.  Take as many free, large-sized paint swatches as you can from Home Depot, Lowe's or similar.  I generally stop when I begin questioning my moral development.  For my ed psych students, you know I will never be a sixer in the eyes of Kohlberg if I keep up this kind of behavior.  Have your Sharpie markers handy.
2.  Cut off any excess paint swatch you don't need for your bookmark.

3.  The cut paint swatch now takes shape.
4.  Grab your favorite friend or munchkin and let the decorating begin.  Word to the wise:  Use permanent markers to draw on the paint swatches, like Sharpies, as most other markers smear.
5.  Punch a hole, string some ribbon and make someone's day. 

Guess whose day was made with this one?

Mr. UpCyclist was very pleased.  Lil O proud.  And me?  Pining for more free paint swatches.

Do you need more, too?  Find other swatch ideas here, here and here.  And yes, next week, I promise not to post about anything with the initials FPS.  Free paint swatches.


PS - Huge thank you to my Saturday students who stuck by me during our six hours class!