Ideas to pair up students

(Photo by Sporkist; Picniked by Jen)
Just to entertain myself (and my students, sometimes), I pair up partners (or small groups) in the following ways.
  • Decide if you are peanut butter or jelly.  Then, go find a partner who is the other.
  • Put 0-5 fingers in the air.  Find a partner that gives you an odd (or even) total.
  • Find someone who has the same (or close) thumb size as you.  Have you seen my thumbs before?  My friends say they look like toes.  Proof below.
  • Find someone who has a different number of siblings than you.
  • Decide if you are a dog person or a cat person.  Then, go find a partner who is the other.
  • Stand on your left or right foot.  Then, go find a partner who is standing on the opposite foot.
  • Think of your favorite number.  Find a partner so that when you add your numbers together you get an even (or odd) number.
  • Of course, paint swatch partnerships are jazzy and colorful.
OK, now I have something slightly embarrassing to admit.  I was Picniking my thumb to remove some of its flaws.  Vain, no?

Next time I will Picnik in a manicure.  Geez!  Can I get some help here?  From a partner?