Glow Sticks in the Classroom? Yay!

Blogging must be in my blood.  Look, my cousin blogs, too.  And she is soooo creative.  I remember growing up and thinking she was so smart and creative and pretty.  She still is all those things.....

You've got to head over to her blog, Creative Party Ideas by Cheryl, to see the gift she left me - make that us!  A clever way to use glow sticks in the classroom - not candy or sweets.  And it is perfect for Valentine's Day or just showing students you care (or anyone for that matter).

Thanks, Cousin Cheryl. 

My heart is a glowin'.


Cousin Jen

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  1. This is a great idea for the classroom! Since food allergies have been on the rise, it is smart to eliminate food from the classroom and replace it with something better! Also, since food in general and poor diet can sometimes contribute to disorders, we don't want any part of it in the classroom! This is a great way to make sure nobody feels left out.

    P. Hawkins