Upcycled T-shirt Flower Pins

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Tis' the season to show off your craftucation skills.  This uber-easy tutorial from Emily's Little World upcycles unwanted tees into useful pins, headbands and hair clips.  I used my hot glue gun for this entire project and on a three hour conference call, I cut out all my flower shapes.  I love how the tee flowers turned out.  I made certain to leave some of the graphics from the tees as I thought the graphics added flair.  I hot glued pin backs from the craft store on the back of each flower - perfect to jazz up a winter coat for a friend or colleague.

Happy craftucating,


PS - If you missed my guest appearance refashioning tees on Crafterhours, check it out.  No tee is safe from me!

PSS - If you like the graphics above, I used Picnik (from Tech Tuesday last month) to alter them.