Textbook charms

What to do with all my old, out-of-date textbooks?  Repurpose them into gifts, that's what.

Today's DIY project uses not one, but two Mod Podge products.  Remember, Mod Podge is a craftucator's be-fri.

1.  Gather your supplies:  Wood alphabet tiles, old textbook, scissors, bail, necklace chain, Mod Podge (regular), Mod Podge Dimensional, jewelry glue, and small paintbrush.  I bought my supplies at AC Moore and Michael's, but just about any major craft store will do.  Actually, finding the bails was tricky; AC Moore had them in stock, whereas my local Michael's did not.
2.  Decide which part of the textbook you'd like to use; I made a guide to help me visualize the charm.
3.  Trace the alphabet tile on the textbook page and cut out the paper square.
4.  Paint a light coat of Mod Podge on the alphabet tile and adhere paper square.

5.  Turn over alphabet tile and trim off excess paper.
6.  Seal all edges with Mod Podge.  Let dry for at least 20 minutes.
7.  Cover entire front surface with Mod Podge Dimensional.  Do NOT shake your bottle of Mod Podge Dimensional as you want to keep the air bubbles to a minimum.  Mod Podge Dimensional makes the surface of your charm glossy and raised.
8.  For air bubbles, either pop with a small pin or carefully slide the bubble off the side.  Both techniques worked for me.  Let the Mod Podge Dimensional dry overnight.

9.  For added flair, add small designs before you use your Mod Podge Dimensional.  
10. I bought this particular faux-silver chain at Michael's.  It is 24 inches long, but with scissors, you can cut it to any length.
11.  Using jewelry glue, glue a bail to the back of your charm.  There is no picture of me gluing the bails.  I forgot to take one!  I let the bail dry for two hours and then, added more glue to double-secure it.  I tried just gluing the bail once and the bail popped right off when I was showing off my charm to my college students.  I immediately looked uncool.  Let the bail dry overnight to regain your coolness next time you show-off.
12.  Add your finished textbook charm to a chain and you are ready to go.

Yay for Mod Podge products, craftucation and gifts for any occasion!  If you like these, check back tomorrow for DIY Ski Magnets.  You skier, blog readers will be happy :)