Scholastic Book Fair {Warehouse Sale}

What?  All items at the Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale are discounted at least 50%?  Count me in!  And you - as the sale is open to educators, homeschoolers, school volunteers, etc. 

The warehouse event is going on this week and next, nationwide.  Click here to find a warehouse near you.

Books make the perfect holiday present for kids.  Well, that and craftucated gifts, too :)

Cheers and join Upcycled Education all month for Craftucation Nation,


{A Month Long Series}



  1. AWESOME!!! I know where I will be Wednesday morning after I take the kiddies to school!

    Where do you find this type of information? In the 'newsletters' that I send home to the parents of my students at the beginning of each new unit I think it would be great to include this type of information. I think that this will help keep the communication open with students' families while adding a little flavor to it, rather than 'strictly business', making it a very effective classroom management tool. Or, maybe I should just link them to your blog!

    kim edillon

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