Kiwi Crates

(From Kiwi Crates - Sample Crates)
If you need a last minute gift for a child, consider a monthly subscription to Kiwi Crates.  For $19.95 a month, the child receives a crate (a uber-cool lime green box), filled with materials and inspiration.  The sample crates online show a dinosaur, garden and color crate.  I haven't seen a Kiwi Crate in person, myself, but the idea of a child receiving a box filled with creative inspiration is right up my alley and certainly lil O's.  For just an additional $7.95, you can add a sibling and more materials will be including in the box.

(From Kiwi Crates - Sample Crates)
I noticed Kiwi Crates has a fantastic blog, too, with lots of great kid ideas. 

Plus, how about this sweet logo?  Who doesn't love a chubby, little kiwi?


PS - Was I the only one who thought kiwis were just fruit and not birds?


  1. How cute! I love it.
    Emillee :)

  2. E - I loved this kids crates, too!


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