DIY Glass Magnets

Need an easy gift for a friend or colleague?  Or how about your students?  Lil O and I used this tutorial featured on Mod Podge Rocks to make our own DIY magnets.  We bought our gems at the dollar store, used scrapbooking paper and magnets from AC Moore, Mod Podge (of course!) and jewelry glue to secure the magnet.  If I was going to make 50 or more, I think I would buy these super strong and tiny magnets instead.  We did not use any clamps to hold things in place as described in the tutorial; the glues just worked on their own to adhere with a little bit of finger pressure.  One caution:  The magnets love to attract to each other (as you know).  Thus, make sure your magnets are spread apart while they dry, otherwise you'll learn, like we did, the magnets will fly off the gems and stick together quickly foiling a great, easy and kid-friendly project.

I love craftucation.