Dear Crayola - a follow-up

Dear Crayola -

Have you heard of Emily Post?  Well, it's rude to not reply to a letter that was written to you.  I'm not saying my feelings are hurt or anything, I'm just making an observation, that's all.

In fact, I'm so busy with teaching, blogging, and parenting and trying ever gingerbread flavored product at Trader Joe's that I didn't even notice you hadn't written back.  Seriously, who has time to watch a mailbox?

I mean big-whoops that the letter was sent in April just 219 days ago; it's not like I am counting, geez.  Wow.

Just in case, my letter did get lost in cyber-space, here it is one more time.  Just click on the image to link to the original letter, if that's not asking too much of you.

Whatever.  It's not like I care. 

I need to go check my Facebook status, anyway.  I'm sure all my friends are looking for me.