for Tech Tuesday

We are in an age of incredible desktop publishing feats and access to an exorbitant amount of data and information. There is a new 21st century equation necessary to understand:

Leading the infographic revolution is - both in content and quality.  Not to mention soon (when exactly soon I'm unsure as hasn't announced it as of November 2011), but soon, will offer a web-based tool so you can create your own infographic.  Yippee.  You know, I adore web-based tools.

(Infographics from

However....until offers the DIY infographic tool, you can still play with  Here Upcycled Education's tweets are being compared infographically (new word, by the way) to the powerhouse educational resource, EdutopiaYou can see I have much room to grow and I am a poor example of tweeting.

How will you use infographics with your students or colleagues?  Do you imagine students will need to become infographically literate?