A Thankful Thanksgiving

This was my busiest Thanksgiving, yet.  Busy, in a good way.  Ever since I finished my training for the TTCT (The Torrance Test of Creative Thinking; more on that another day), I've shifted how I see things.  Even how I parent.  I can't quite put my finger on what has changed, but I know the TTCT training and understanding creative thinking more has inspired me, which is why I think we jammed-packed our long holiday weekend with so much fun.

Here's a peek at the weekend.....

Polka dancing with Mr. Upcyclist and lil O.  We all go to bed so early that we literally were home from polka dancing by 8:30pm and were exhausted.  Our family loves to dance.  Did you know Mr. Upcyclist and I met salsa dancing?  Sounds steamy, no?

A very yummy cranberry apple cake (for the recipe, scan the QR code from this post).  I adore that wavy chopper lil O is using.  It was the best buy from this Montessori catalog a few years ago.  Yes, I just snuck Montessori in a post!  Sneaky me.

Don't you adore dear friends?  Here is lil O with two friends who happen to be brothers.  Their mom and I are super friends from grad school.  That day, my gradfriend and I talked and talked and talked and talked while the kids played and played and played and played.  It was sooo nice to see them; it had been a while.

And let's not forget a good craft session.  You know I adore craftucation.  Wait to you see the posts for December.  Some of you may think I've lost my mind.  This is a gift in progress.

Mr. Upcyclist rarely gets involved in crafts, but lil O and I finally brought him to the dark awesome side.  He pays so much attention to detail, we've offered him an open invite to craft with us at anytime.  What a natural crafter!

Lastly, what is a long weekend without some fresh air and...you guessed it....cycling!  I mean, the name of this blog is UpCYCLED Education - for more than one reason.  Lil O is working on her mountain bike skills.  Me?  I'm just trying to keep up and get in shape for ski season which is right around the corner.

Oh. I. Loved. This. Holiday. Weekend.

Grateful and happy,