Printable Artwork {for your classroom and home}

I don't know about you, but I appreciate easy.  Easy day.  Easy dinner.  Easy gift.  Easy artwork.

Last time I blogged about easy, printable artwork, I ended up printing off a bunch of cool artwork for myself - though I really did plan to frame some of the artwork and give 'em away as gifts.

Anywho, enough of me blabbing on a Saturday, why don't you check out Laura Winslow's Memorable Words Monday - lots of great, free printables for your classroom or home.  I mean, great printables to give away as gifts, geez.

Happy Saturday, Upcyclists,


  1. I think this is great! My classroom that I did fieldwork for, was extremely colorful and bright. My teacher that I observed made sure that the atmosphere was nothing but positive and I think that is vital in an elementary classroom. What I liked is that it was just posters that you see in every classroom, it was students artwork hanging up everywhere and signs that she made herself. You could definitely tell that she put A LOT of time and effort into her classroom and i think thats important because it shows how much she cares and that she really takes her job seriously. I cannot wait until I can decorate my own classroom!

    Libby H

  2. Having a classroom that is inviting and comforatable to the students is the first step to them getting a good education. Changing the layout and design keeps students intrigue. Displaying student work is a great way to give praise to their work, and encourage students to put forth their full effort.