Picnik is coming soon for Tech Tuesday

Did you know I have a second job?  Just kidding, but managing the rentals of our ski condo in Colorado sometimes feels like a second job.  But, isn't it cute?  And soooo cozy!  Mr. UpCyclist and I agree - if more children and families skied or snowboarded, the world would be a better place.

Anyway, it is time to increase my marketing reach and book some winter rentals.  I thought this nifty photo collage could be sent out to friends and family to spread the word.  I used Picnik to create it.  I am falling in love with Picnik.  In fact, I feel a blog post coming up in the next couple of weeks highlighting Picnik's coolness.

Don't believe me? I even spent $24.99 and upgraded to the premium package of Picnik for the year!  You know I never do that; I am a girl who almost always embraces free.