Montessori and 321 Fast Draw

If you'd like another take on Montessori education, here is Montessori parent, Trevor Eissler from 321 Fast Draw, explaining Montessori education via cartoon.  I love Eissler's creativity and message....



PS - If you'd like to refresh your mind, "What is Montessori Education?"  Click here.


  1. I am currently reading his book "Montessori Madness". I love hearing all of this form a parent. He has no back round in education, hes a pilot! Yet one visit to a Montessori classroom changed his whole view on education. Even though Montessori schools are a wonderful option,they may not be an option for all; maybe because of finances, or where you live. The great thing about Montessori are the basic teaching strategies. If you are a parent or a teacher you can take some of these ideas and apply them at home or in your classroom. Some things like the use of multi- sensory learning, and teaching independence can be easily translated. Other strategies are more difficult, like having a mixed age classroom, or letting children learn what they want when they want. I greatly wish that our public schools would see some of the advantages of Montessori education, but until then I plan to try and find ways to mix Montessori in my teaching plans.

    -Brianne Carper

  2. I absolutely loved this! This really makes me wonder what kind of education my daughter will have. I will definitely have to check this out now. Thanks for sharing!
    Jessica Roberts

  3. Great post! It is amazing how they talk about the 'light' in a students eyes. It seems like students from montessori backgrounds have that spark (aka self motivation). Having that constructivist approach makes students take charge of their own learning because it is enjoyable to them.

    Emillee C.

  4. Throughout our classes thus far you have told us how supportive you are of Montessori schools, and I now can see why. I think it is a wonderful idea for students of different ages to be combined together in one classroom to learn from each other and see how what they are learning applies to what they soon will be learning next. However I wonder how applicable this is to other school systems and how the grading system would transfer over into the public school systems to represent the level of learning per child.

    Laura Rizzi

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