Homeschooling - Infographic

Since this tremendously popular blog post about homeschooling (by my dear friend and homeschooler, Mariah), I've been keeping my eye-out for other homeschool-related tidbits.

I am wildly obsessed enamored with infographics lately.  According to this infographic, homeschooled children are out-performing their public school peers.  It seems wise Mariah is correct again.

(Infographic from Cool Infographics)
If the infographic is too small for you, just click on the Cool Infographics link to see a close-up.



  1. Whoa, thats quite an interesting corelations between homeschoolers test scores and the test scores of public school students. Personally I am a product of the public school and I can see why that homeschooled students would have better test scores. Back at my high school, education and disicpline were the focus of the ciriculum. The reason is that student had trouble CONCENTRATING! In a public school setting students are surrondeded by their peers for a set amount of time and usually one authority figure being the teacher. However in a home schooling setting the ciriculum can be paced to your own particular speed and in a comfortable setting. Also the only real distractions are other family members, giving students optimal freedom and time to work on given assignments.

  2. This is something I thought about doing myself. I like the Montessori idea but not the price that comes with it. Since I have 2 stepchildren already, being able to afford sending 3 children there is most likely not an option. I plan to do more research on the topic but this is a great start. We have learned that so many things go into the equation of learning other then the curriculum. I agree that the setting of being somewhere comfortable is better way to set the pace for learning.
    Although you must be certain to develop a home schooled child socially as well. Social learning is critical in the child's development, just as much as cognitively. As we have seen in cases of Autism, the child not being able to preform socially is a huge set back in the general development.

  3. I knew home schooling had many benefits but I didn't think they scored higher in subjects like math,reading, and language. As mentioned in the above comments it is most likely due to the different learning environment. I wonder what the results would be in a public school setting if the environment was made to be similar to a home school environment. What I mean is a classroom with a small amount of students and a learning objective that is similar to homeschooling.