Guerrilla Educating - A follow-up to One Student Day anyone watching you read this?  PS - If you are a dean, director or chair at my college, stop reading this immediately.

Now that the coast is clear.....

On November 1, 2011 - with the clever date of 11.1.11 - my students and I embarked on a mission and teamed up with One Student to address sexual assault. Our mission was clear: guerrilla educate about preventing sexual assault and supporting survivors. 

Guerrilla education is just as it sounds; it is unusual and unconventional.  It is good friends with other art forms like graffiti, yet, guerrilla education aims to teach or create awareness.  Like most things guerrilla, it uses minimal resources, tends to take place in public venues, and embraces the essence of "grassroots."

This was my first foray into guerrilla education.  I think I have a future in this style of teaching.

Inspired by this video from Kind Over Matter, my students and I took to the mission.  See what you think in our Animoto produced video.  It is easier to view the video in fullscreen; just click on the fullscreen icon in the bottom right of the video window to do so.

Shhhh....mums the word.


PS - To my college students:  As if I didn't adore you to pieces before our mission....  I am now in uber-awe of you and look forward to many more missions together.