Food, again - Infographic

Yes, yes,'s me again.  You know how I despise food in the classroom.  I'm surprised I survived Halloween.  Anyway, since I am on an infographic kick lately, this infographic spoke to me.  Seriously, we can't all agree upon stem cell research, but you want to genetically modify the food I eat and feed to my family and not tell me which ingredients have been altered?  How come 40 other countries either ban or demand their food be properly labeled if it has been genetically modified?

(Infographic from Fast Company)

Very uncool, Business-that-manufacturers-genetically-modified-food-and-sneakily-sells-them-to-families-and-children.

I've got my eye on you.


PS - If the infographic is too small for you, just click on the image above to see a close-up.