Food, again - Infographic

Yes, yes,'s me again.  You know how I despise food in the classroom.  I'm surprised I survived Halloween.  Anyway, since I am on an infographic kick lately, this infographic spoke to me.  Seriously, we can't all agree upon stem cell research, but you want to genetically modify the food I eat and feed to my family and not tell me which ingredients have been altered?  How come 40 other countries either ban or demand their food be properly labeled if it has been genetically modified?

(Infographic from Fast Company)

Very uncool, Business-that-manufacturers-genetically-modified-food-and-sneakily-sells-them-to-families-and-children.

I've got my eye on you.


PS - If the infographic is too small for you, just click on the image above to see a close-up.


  1. I dont think you need food in the classroom as well. know some teachers use food for math or in scince classes. But now days there are so many people that has to many different alligeies. If you are trying to teach the kids math there are so many other things you could choose to count with. Like ive said before i work in a preschool. i have a little boy who is allgeric to everything you can think of. He cant even use are paint.When its time to each lunch he has to sit on the other side of the room , it makes him sick just by smelling somehting. Its to risky to bring food in the class room. If you must bring food in the room make sure its store bought where on the package you can see everything thats in tha food.

    Brandi B

  2. A lot of that stuff in foods adversely alters the student's behavior and concentration which affects his/her ability and willingness to learn. A lot of behavior and concentration problems can be lessened or alleviated completely by a change in diet. Imagine how impossible that would be if parents don't even know what's in the food to begin with.

  3. I, recently (within the past month or so), watched the documentary "Food Inc.". It touches the surface of the topic of GMOs and how some of the larger poultry companies are "enhancing" our chickens with steroid-infused feed and water. It was shocking to say the least. And I believe therein lies the problem. I believe, because the public is vastly misinformed regarding the topic of GMOs, the idea of consuming a genetically altered piece of food is going to scare the bejeezus out of the majority of the population, and the government is afraid that if they inform the public of what these foods actually contain, the government is going to lose a lot of money, because there is a very good chance that people are going to refuse to keep buying those products. We are living in a time where we want and demand everything to be here and now with zero waiting. This has almost developed into a psychological impulse. This can be seen through our technological advances throughout the past 10 years with ipod/ipads, cell phones, social media, apps on your phone, etc. Unfortunately, people don't understand that this concept of "now now now" cannot apply to growing fruits and vegetables, and even animal meats, without the use of chemicals to enhance that food. There is a waiting process. There are seasons for the fruits and vegetables. These foods don’t just grow overnight. It takes months and months to grow. In the movie "Food Inc.", the scientists from the large poultry companies have been able to cut the time down by about 2/3s the normal growing time. This isn't healthy for anyone. These companies know that it's not good for people and that's why all of them refused to comment on the issue in the movie. What it basically boils down to is money. The less the government tells the (ill-informed) public about what’s in their food, the better it is for the government and the more money they will make off people buying the GMO products. Once the government decides to open that "can of worms", they leave themselves open for possible lawsuits, possible dropped contracts with those companies, and an overall loss of a ton of money. But, I believe THAT is the morally right thing to do. Own up to the problem, quit being greedy, and inform your citizens of what they are consuming. Then, if the person wants to continue eating the GMO, let them. That's their choice. But that option to choose needs to be available to the public.

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