Container Store - Organized Teacher Discount Program {Yay!}

Tomorrow starts a month long series called "Craftucation Nation."  It is where crafting and education intersect.  In order to prepare for your projects, you will need some organizational help.  Voila, the Container Store.  Have you been?  There is a Container Store near me and when I am there, I imagine it is what my heaven looks and feels like - tidy and organized.

If you are an educator (or college student in training to become an educator; remember college students - own it!  It is time to start calling yourself an educator), you can apply online for their "Organized Teacher Discount Program." Automatically, you will be emailed a card for 15% off your entire purchase at the lovely, amazing Container Store.

Now, you are ready for Craftucation Nation - a series by Upcycled Education - to begin tomorrow.

Happy (and organized),