11/1/11 One Student Day

If I haven't made this clear, let me.  I adore my college students.  I do.  They are awesome, bright, passionate and care.  Want to hear the best thing?  They are all future teachers.  Yep, amazing, creative, clever, future teachers coming to educate our youth.

Pinch me that I get to work with them daily.

I feel like their teacher, mentor, confidant, and guide.  Many times, I even feel like their mom or big sister.  I would do just about anything to shield them from hurt, pain and all the other nonsense the world likes to dish out.  You can imagine how heartbroken I felt when I read this recent statistic:

What?  1 in 5?  Not my students.  Not these amazing-future-educator-women who will change the world and guide our youth.

No, not them.

Today, I stand in unison with One Student - an organization committed to addressing the issue of sexual violence.  One Student provides the most useful resources - designed to help survivors, their friends and families.  One Student encourages all of us to take a stand against sexual violence and look out for one another.

One of One Student's neatest programs is called "No Woman Left Behind."  From an educator's point-of-view, the take on the national No Child Left Behind law title is ingenious, but from a gal who cares deeply about my fellow gals, I vow to leave no woman behind. 

Sisters, I've got your back.  Student-sisters, your wing gal - me - has arrived.

Today One Student is celebrating their successes and looking towards the future.  Today is 11/1/11 day and Upcycled Education is joining forces with One Student to be the ONE.

Won't you join me and One Student?  One easy way to get started is right here - be the ONE and sign the One Student pledge.


PS - Since Upcycled Education couldn't attend the 11/1/11 event in Florida in person, my college students and I are virtually celebrating.  Check back later in the week when we share our covert One Student mission.  We are calling our efforts, guerrilla educating.