Wallwisher for Tech Tuesday

I have three grad school friends who are my faaaavorite.  Ms. Cheston (if I can be so formal) is one of the awesome three.  She is also a tech-savvy educator and for years, has been the laptop coordinator at a school. 

Look how edugaged her students were in this lesson about culture.  Ms. C used a free web-tool called Wallwisher to have students share their findings about cultural customs. Wallwisher reminds me of multimedia sticky notes.

(My apologies about the blurry screenshot.  If you click on the image, it will hyperlink to the actual wall.)

Here's is another example from Ms. Cheston and her class.  This time the topic is word origins.

If you haven't played with Wallwisher, consider doing so - it's free, edugaging and requires no log-in.  You can even make a "private" wall if you wanted just you and your students (or colleagues) to see your thoughts.

Thanks, Ms. Cheston, for sharing (and for being part of my awesome three favs).

Besides sharing research, in what other ways could you use Wallwisher?