Wallwisher for Tech Tuesday

I have three grad school friends who are my faaaavorite.  Ms. Cheston (if I can be so formal) is one of the awesome three.  She is also a tech-savvy educator and for years, has been the laptop coordinator at a school. 

Look how edugaged her students were in this lesson about culture.  Ms. C used a free web-tool called Wallwisher to have students share their findings about cultural customs. Wallwisher reminds me of multimedia sticky notes.

(My apologies about the blurry screenshot.  If you click on the image, it will hyperlink to the actual wall.)

Here's is another example from Ms. Cheston and her class.  This time the topic is word origins.

If you haven't played with Wallwisher, consider doing so - it's free, edugaging and requires no log-in.  You can even make a "private" wall if you wanted just you and your students (or colleagues) to see your thoughts.

Thanks, Ms. Cheston, for sharing (and for being part of my awesome three favs).

Besides sharing research, in what other ways could you use Wallwisher?



  1. Very cool. Jen, I've never heard the term "edugaged" before! Is it yours or did you pick it up somewhere?

  2. Wallwisher is SO COOL! Did I miss a day of Tech Tuesday?? I definitely think I would have remembered this. This is a great way to share information with other people or your class. I wish I was in Ms. Cheston's class while doing this activity, it look like so much fun. It's so much cooler than just writing something down and sharing it with the class. This is like one big project that everyone gets to be a part of. Is it possible to print it out afterwards? It could end up being a great study guide for the topic you are sharing about. I feel like there are so many other things you could also do with it other than with your students. Since we are just around the corner from Christmas you could make you wish list. Putting pictures and comments of things you may want. Thanks for sharing this great tool. I definitely plan to use it in my classroom one day!!

    Jackie L

  3. So this is just about one of the most awesome things I've seen this would be a great tool for students to use whether they are trying to share study tools that they have found or maybe a website to help them practice their multiplication tables. When I become a teacher I would use this tool for homework help I would post somethings that I have found that will help my students succeed in school. I could also use this when introducing a new subject to the class. I would place something on the Wallwisher page and then my students could share what they know about the subject or what they would like to know about the subject. It would also be an awesome study tool so my students know exactly what material they need to study for the upcoming test they maybe taking.

    Vanessa B

  4. Very cool! This would definitely engage the digital natives (if this Gen Xer can figure out how to use it). Each week my 8th graders do a 6 Word Memoir on a topic that I've pre-selected. The stuff they come up with is BRILLIANT and I'm out of low-tech sentence strips, so this would be the way to go. It saves paper and I can grade them as they come in. I will try this on Monday! Can't wait!
    And I love this blog for its 'edugaging' value because I'm now suggesting sites and ideas to our media guy, so now I look smart! Ha!
    Elise T.

  5. I reeeeeaaaalllly love this! During my fieldwork I found that the students loooove technology and are very capable (often more capable than some of their teachers). I will be a science teacher. I think this would be a great assignment. My idea is this: for each unit our class will create a private wall. Each student will be required to post one thing to the wall related to the unit. Students would have the opportunity to do this at home, on their own time. I would provide opportunities for students who do not have access to computers at home to complete this at school. At the end of the lesson, as part of a review, we could have a class discussion regarding the posts and how they all relate to our unit. I think this would be a great way to incorporate technology into a lesson. Also, since the students could post anything they wanted (as long as it is school-appropriate and they can relate it to our unit) I think that they will feel like they have control over this task. Thoughts on this idea...?

    kim edillon

  6. Awesome! Wallwisher seems like such a great way for students to interact outside the classroom with both each other and the teacher. I definitely plan to introduce this tool to my students.

    - Jon T.

  7. Wallwisher is a fantastic resource for class work, homework, presentations and much more! Due to its highly visual and interactive nature wallwisher is great for diversifying lesson plans, sharing information, and gaining student's attention. This would be a great tool to use for students who are English language learners as well as those who are studying other languages, by posting pictures, definitions, and pronunciation for vocabulary words. This technological resource is a great way to diversify lesson plans, create a cohesive collaborative means of class work, research and study!

    Katrina M.

  8. Wall Wisher would be a great tool to use within the classroom and at home for the students. The teacher can give the students a list of topics they can research and find information on. After gathering information they could find a picture and post it on Wall Wisher. Then the next day the teacher could open up Wall Wisher and discuss with the students what they learned about the topic.

    Jaimee S.

  9. This is a great tool for students to use in the classroom for projects. One practical use would be to have students sign up for their handout projects using wall wisher! This is also a great way for students to share research topics with each other. I think that each student should be assigned a certain part of a chapter in the text book, and they should have to post their findings on their wall where other students can post comments or questions. It's a great tool for students to work with technology independently while still being connected to the whole class.

    Kristen W.

  10. i am still loving the wallwisher...just wrote a couple of lesson plans incorporating wallwisher for student feedback and to check for understanding.... good for public school educators to know, wallwisher is not a blocked site

    1. Kim - I am so glad you are still enjoying Wallwisher and that it is not blocked at schools. I think it such a useful tool and so engaging.


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