Spooky {& cool} calendars - Free Printable

You know how I feel about food in the classroom.  So, why not make cool stuff for Halloween instead?

These free, printable calendars are both useful and fun.  Added bonus: your kinesthetic learners will love putting them together.



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  1. I could definitely see myself using this in my classroom. Since I will be working with younger children, I might do this as a classroom project. Every child could help out, whether it be taping the sides down or cutting. When we finished, I would display it on my desk for that particular month. This would be helpful for learners who are hands-on, because while we are making it, I would discuss the days of the week and what happens during that month and have them physically touch the paper. For example, I noticed February had a groundhog. I could explain to them that this month is when the groundhog comes up and sees his shadow to see if we get more snow. They will be able to touch the groundhog cutout and that might reinforce them to learn when February is.

    Kelli D.