Mr. UpCyclist and Lil O - Summertime Photos

I realized the other day, you've heard of Mr. UpCyclist and lil O, but rarely do you see photos of the two.  No problem.  I needed an excuse to play with Photoshop Elements and these awesome, free doodles I downloaded from Lil Blue Boo.

Here are my two loves in Crested Butte, Colorado.  Seriously, could this town be any cuter?

Mr. UC (Mr. UpCyclist) loves to that obvious by his new blog name?  At any rate, that is a lot of mud on his legs.  Here Mr. UC just finished a mountain bike race.  This summer, he had a lifetime highlight; he competed in a race with Lance Armstrong.  Rad, no?  (PS - Lance won the race; Mr. UC came in 41st and was way happy).

Lil O, aka: Munchkin Seed, is a pretty wicked cyclist, too.  Here she is on a pump track in Colorado with Groovy Girls in tow.  Notice how Mr. UC waits patiently.  He has to do that a bunch for lil O and I....

When we are at our place in Colorado, we rarely drive our car.  Instead, we bike and walk everywhere.  This is how we grocery shop.  We looooove this contraption - the Burley Travoy.  Did I mention we rent our place there?  It is sooooo perfect for couples, friends and families.  And yes, I did draw those "doodles" myself; I thought lil O would make a lovely butterfly.

I know, no photos of's one to hold you for a while.  We three are looking a little too orange in this shot, but elegant, no?  Here we are out our cousin's wedding in the great state of Florida. 

Yep, that's the UpCyclist 3. 

What's your family like?