QR Codes with Delivr for Tech Tuesday

I have been wanting to play with QR (Quick Response) Codes since I saw them plastered on every cycling ad in my husband's bike magazines this past spring.  You know what they are.  They are those two dimensional, square shaped codes that, when scanned with a smart phone, take you to a specific web page.  On my iPhone4, I have the AT&T Scanner app that lets you scan QR codes for free.  Lil O loves scanning the codes from magazines or from products in stores.

If you are still lost with all this QR code talk, here is a code I made using a free web tool, Delivr.  Scan the square code with your mobile phone app (download a QR scanning app first, if you don't already have one) and see where it takes you....
Did you scan it?  Did the code take you to my favorite outdoor clothing company in the world?  I worked for Patagonia all through grad school and just adore their clothing and philosophy.  Plus, they treat their employees so kindly.  Just how I hope to always treat my students.

Now, how can you use QR codes with your students?  Could you lace homework with them?  Class newsletters?  Your syllabi?  Put one on your business card?  Ask students to include them with their research?  Go to Delivr to create your own free codes.  Save the QR code image as a "PNG"  or "JPG" file.  Then, insert the image like you would any other graphic.

Wouldn't a QR code be cute on a t-shirt?  Actually, I need a QR code on my business card.