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Yahooooo!  Our first giveaway (and coupon code) for fall 2011! 

About two weeks ago, a gal from contacted me about reviewing their digital scrapbooking software.  Let me set the record straight:  I am not a scrapbooker, much less a digital scrapbooker.  Though, I adore decorative papers and make a ton of cards and lunchbox love notes for lil O, I just have not carved out time to scrapbook.  With that said, I believe scrapbooking - of any kind - is a wonderful way to creatively capture people, events, special occasions, trips and moments in time. 

Case in point:  I literally have a plastic bin full of lil O's memorabilia highlighting special occasions and milestones; the thought of scrapbooking the bin's contents overwhelms me.  However, you know I adore technology, so put the word "digital" in front of anything and I am pretty certain, I will pounce.  Enter digital scrapbooking.

Case in point, #2: I spent an hour and a half this past Sunday morning playing with My Memories digital scrapbooking software.  Instead of tackling lil O's overwhelming life bin, I decided to focus on a group of other people I adore, my college students.  See, aren't they a smiley group?  And guess, what?  They are all future teachers! (PS - My students gave me permission to use their photos online).

Using My Memories Suite, I created a 7-page digital scrapbooking spread and let me just say, I found the software easy and intuitive.  My Memories Suite allows you to print pages and photobooks AND (wait for it...) make uber-cool items like interactive albums, videos (with narration and/or music) and iPod/iPad-ready movies!  Can you say a "teacher's dream?"  Seriously, there are endless possibilities for the classroom  - interactive book reports, presentation-like movies that are not PowerPointless, class yearbooks, thematic digital scrapbooks - I could go on and on. 

Here's what I liked best about My Memories Suite besides the pre-designed templates & layouts and the free (and low cost) selection of digital scrapbook papers (My Memories calls them "packs" or "pages"):

On the downside, I tried using the "Fast Fill" option that automatically populates your photos within your digital scrapbooking spread.  I did not like how it placed some photos and preferred to use the "Pick and Click" option, which was super easy to use.  Perhaps, I need to visit the My Memories tutorial page, which appears handy (I did watch one tutorial and was excited about what I learned).  I just noticed there is a tutorial on the Fast Fill option if you visit their tutorial page.  I am experimenting with My Memories Suite's movie options as I think it would an engaging way to teach a lesson via a digital scrapbook movie either you or your students create.  You can click here to see how digital scrapbook pages look when you save as a "movie" and then upload to YouTube.  Again, my college students are a happy group, aren't they?

Want to win a free copy of My Memories Suite?  It will save you close to $40.  Plus, the kind folks at My Memories have given Upcycled Education a coupon code  (Coupon Code: STMMMS57701) for $10 off the software - in case you miss winning the giveaway - and $10 in free merchandise from the My Memories store.  The store is where you can buy other digital papers packs that do not come pre-loaded with the software; for example, if you wanted a specific theme - like something related to science, Rome or school in general.


One lucky blog reader will win a  free copy of My Memories Suite- a $40 value!  To enter, simply leave a comment below and share which digital paper pack is your favorite from the My Memories store

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Giveaways are soooo much fun! 


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  1. After looking on the website there are just so many fun packets to choose from. Knowing that I in the future will not just be making scrapbooks of the fun times and memories that I have/make with the people i adore in my life. But that I will also be making scrapbooks of my future students to document the fun things we are learning in school so that their families can see all that they are learning.
    I have to say that I am in love with all of the school packets of papers, but my favorites are the owlz packet and the bookworm packet and probably the first day of school packet.

    My name is Courtney Margenthaler
    and my email is

  2. Hi Professor Lara,

    Let me first start off by saying, Tech Tuesday was awesome today just like it is every Tuesday. But if I had to pick my favorite I would have to say it would be, Moster Scientist. It just looks so fun and cut and you can use it either for a science project or for a Halloween scrapbook which would be amazing.

    Vanessa Bailey

  3. As an avid scrapbooker, this program is amazing. I love the school days and back to school paper packs. Good luck to everyone. Thanks.

  4. Professor Lara,

    Your thoughts and ideas are always so useful for us prespective teachers! I appreciate it and get so much useful knowledge from your class. After reviewing the packs I think the most useful packs I thought I would enjoy were the preschooler pack and the back to school pack!
    Anna Dwyer

  5. Prof. L:

    I love the idea of this program! So great for stay at home moms :) I am an obvious fan of the baby packs, but also love the boy packs, especially Oh boy and Super Boy. Thanks for an opportunity to win! I am also following on Twitter.

    Rebekah Hiskey

  6. I love this program! I love the pretty in pink pack!! This would be so helpful for me! Not only could I use this for your class, but for my others as well! I have a project coming up that I have to make a"scrapbook" for. I was going to do it in powerpoint, but that is getting on my nerves It's time for me to try something new :)

  7. Professor Lara,

    I love all the designs. You can do some much with this. I personally like the sports category because I play sports and I would like my children when I have them to play sports too. I also Like photography. So adding photography to scrap booking would make it even better. As for school, I want to teach kindergarten or 1st grade. So for that I like the back 2 school pack. I like this one since it has a lot of pictures since the younger kids cant quit read yet. So I figured it would help them seeing more pictures to understand the scrap book.

    Jennifer Newman

  8. I love the Sweet Caroline and can see why it is one of their best sellers! I tend to gravitate toward anything girlie and have a one year old daughter! That package would be perfect to create a scrap book of her. I too collect things from all of her "firsts" and more. Thanks for this opportunity for a great prize Prof. Lara!

    Damara Bond

  9. Hi Professor Lara

    This is such a fun and exciting giveaway, especially since I have recently been thinking about going into photography on the side, and with my love for children I would probably focus on child photography. After looking at the templates they are all so amazing and have so much detail, but I really like all the childhood and baby templates.

    Samantha Elliott

  10. Hey prof. Lara!

    This seems like such cool software! I really enjoy scrapbooking and would love to do it more often, but I always feel like I don't have enough ideas for cool and fun layouts. With that being said, my favorite is probably the digital art journal page.
    Stephanie Brawner

  11. Once you start reading this, you can’t stop without completing it. That’s how much you get absorbed into it.

  12. Reading something so beautiful has a healing power for the soul.