The Finland Phenomenon - Trailer

Sometimes the best lesson plans are the ones that grow out of necessity.  Yesterday, my students and I watched The Finland Phenomenon.  Let's just say, it gave us - collectively - much to think about and consider.

You can watch the trailer by clicking below:

And you guessed it.... I'll be blogging on The Finland Phenomenon in the future.  Perhaps one of my students will join me.



  1. I absolutely LOVED this movie when we watched it in class, it was truly motivational. It was amazing to see how differently the education system is treated in Finland, and how these differences have proven to be beneficial. During my fieldwork, I overheard some teachers anxiously discussing their upcoming observations; something that doesn't happen in Finland. Their entire system is based on one thing, trust. As a result the teachers have lived up to and exceeded expectations. If the United States' education system was constructed similar to that of Finland's, I believe there would be changes for the better. For instance, teachers would feel more comfortable in the classroom, not having the frequent pressure of constantly being observed. This stress can be felt by the students and as a result their learning is adversely affected. Special educators would also benefit, allowing students to broaden their opportunities for an LRE, because there would be more trust in the students. It was stated during the film, that when you allow a person the room to work without supervision, they generally do not want to be a disappointment. If students and teachers were trusted more and allowed to work in their own, maybe unconventional ways, I believe that everyone would soar.
    *Carrie S

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