First weeks of school

There is absolutely no shortage of ideas, activities or things-to-do during the first few weeks of school.  Without question, I begin building my classroom community starting day one.  If you missed the post on Caring Classrooms, go back and (re-)read it.  My treat.

Then, check out this list and challenge yourself to implement ten ideas - yes, ten ideas - during the first few weeks of school.  I have no clue why, but I always find solid ideas at Honolulu Community College's faculty website.  Maybe that is an omen I need to take a trip to Hawaii and meet with my colleagues there.

Some of my favorite ideas from their list include.....

#19 - Seek out a different student each day and get to know something about him or her.

#20 - Ask students to write about what important things are currently going on in their lives.

#63 - Hand out wallet-sized telephone cards with all important telephone numbers listed: office department, resource centers, teaching assistant, lab.

#87 - Have students write questions on index cards to be collected and answered the next class period.

To be honest, I made myself choose those four.  I would have replicated the entire list because the ideas are so worthy.

See for yourself and implement ten ideas with your students.

Happy back-to-school, you super educator, you.

Yes, you know who I'm talking about (wink).


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