Virtual latte, anyone?

Hello there, Upcycled Education stranger.  Lovely to see you again here in the blogsphere.  My last month away gave me time to....

Enjoy little O and friends....

(little O and CM at the Cystic Fibrosis Walk and Fundraiser)

Create charms and necklaces with my new metal alphabet stamps....

(Nifty, no?  Maybe we need Upcycled Education ones)

And enjoy the outdoors.......

(Our family loves biking festivals and camping opportunities; Funny O expression, no?)
Now, that I am back from my blog haitus, it is time to crank it up again.  Albeit summer and I do plan to travel, play and relax a ton; Little O and P are my sidekicks.  However, Upcycled Education will continue and I have big plans for the coming year.

(Insert:  Yahoo!  Yippee!  Wahoo!)

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OK, I am off to purchase our virtual lattes.  Do you want yours full caf, half-caf or decaf?  Skinny or whole milk?  Soy or cow's milk?

Yep, I aim to please here at Upcycled Education.

Your friendly barista-blogger,