Summer reading list

Listen, if little O has a summer reading list, maybe we should, too.  Not that I am pushing too many teaching and learning books because I want your mind to relax this summer, but like a gardener, I'm planting seeds....

I made the image above extra large, so you could peruse some of my favorites.

Just sayin',


  1. nice list, Jen - I'll add these to my pile.

  2. Melissa - What favorite books do you recommend?


  3. Jen, I highly recommend reading

    alongside the Ruby Payne work. I was introduced to the "Culture of Poverty" when I worked at Catholic Charities. I think readers and school districts who use it have the right intentions -- how do we best serve our students living in poverty? However, I believe it has significant and damaging flaws.

    One interesting point about Payne -- the sale of her books/curriculum and speaking engagements is a multimillion dollar for-profit endeavor. She has no credentials to back up her claims, it is all based on her personal experience. Just some food for thought.

    You can also just google "Paul Gorski" along with Ruby Payne or Culture of Poverty to find more interesting stuff. Paul is a professor of education at GW university, a friend, and was on my dissertation committee. I really respect his work. Check out one of his many websites:

  4. I love, love, love! book lists! Which is why this is my favorite time of year since everyone (Amazon, NYT, NPR) come out with their lists. I do believe it is important to continue to grow ad educators and stretch our muscles that we may have forgotten we have. I try to have a 'professional' book on my nightstand at all times as well as a 'fun' book. For the last few years, my professional books have been my textbooks and I can't wait to choose my own. I think I'll try a Daniel Pink book as my own motivation seems to be elusive much of the time.

    Elise T.