Prezi for Tech Tuesday

For my educators (and assorted others) who are finding PowerPoint, well, pointless, see if you'd prefer Prezi.  Originally designed by an architect, Prezi is an engaging alternative to traditional PowerPoint presentations.  Not that I don't use PowerPoint all the time, but Prezi is just....refreshing.  If you don't over path it  - I will get to that in a moment - your presentation attendees won't get seasick, but instead will think you are a presentation genius.

Believe me, I've been known to fool my college students with my Prezi skills.

Basically with Prezi, you create presentations that can zoom in and out, follow interesting pathways and can holistically show connections between content material which can include text, images, hyperlinks and videos.  In the example below, my college student, Katrina, used Prezi to capture her main talking points about Diabetes.  Click on the image below to view Katrina's Prezi.  Once you link to Katrina's Prezi, click on the chunky gray arrow and enjoy how her Prezi moves along a set pathway that she defined.  You can also click anywhere on her Prezi to zoom in and out.  Thanks, Katrina, for sharing your Prezi with Upcycled Education.

Using Prezi is no more time consuming than using PowerPoint.  In fact, once you watch the three short "how to" videos, you will be on your way to Prezi-mastery.  If you are pressed for time, watch only videos one and two - the latter will show you tips and tricks so you don't move too quickly through the pathways you create.  If you move too quickly, you risk making your attendees seasick.

seasick + learning =  uncool

To sign-up for your free student or teacher's EDU license, click here.  You do need to use your school email address (versus a personal one) to sign-up for the free, upgraded EDU version of Prezi.  For my non-educator blog readers, don't you worry yourself; Prezi offers a free public version for you.  Click here for the non-EDU one.

To wow your students, try converting one of your old-school PowerPoints into a new-school Prezi.

Trust me.  Your amazing-coolest-teacher-factor will increase tenfold.