Prezi for Tech Tuesday

For my educators (and assorted others) who are finding PowerPoint, well, pointless, see if you'd prefer Prezi.  Originally designed by an architect, Prezi is an engaging alternative to traditional PowerPoint presentations.  Not that I don't use PowerPoint all the time, but Prezi is just....refreshing.  If you don't over path it  - I will get to that in a moment - your presentation attendees won't get seasick, but instead will think you are a presentation genius.

Believe me, I've been known to fool my college students with my Prezi skills.

Basically with Prezi, you create presentations that can zoom in and out, follow interesting pathways and can holistically show connections between content material which can include text, images, hyperlinks and videos.  In the example below, my college student, Katrina, used Prezi to capture her main talking points about Diabetes.  Click on the image below to view Katrina's Prezi.  Once you link to Katrina's Prezi, click on the chunky gray arrow and enjoy how her Prezi moves along a set pathway that she defined.  You can also click anywhere on her Prezi to zoom in and out.  Thanks, Katrina, for sharing your Prezi with Upcycled Education.

Using Prezi is no more time consuming than using PowerPoint.  In fact, once you watch the three short "how to" videos, you will be on your way to Prezi-mastery.  If you are pressed for time, watch only videos one and two - the latter will show you tips and tricks so you don't move too quickly through the pathways you create.  If you move too quickly, you risk making your attendees seasick.

seasick + learning =  uncool

To sign-up for your free student or teacher's EDU license, click here.  You do need to use your school email address (versus a personal one) to sign-up for the free, upgraded EDU version of Prezi.  For my non-educator blog readers, don't you worry yourself; Prezi offers a free public version for you.  Click here for the non-EDU one.

To wow your students, try converting one of your old-school PowerPoints into a new-school Prezi.

Trust me.  Your amazing-coolest-teacher-factor will increase tenfold.



  1. I love Prezi. Prezi allows students to learn in a different way, almost in an interactive way. What I most like about prezi is that it is different then the everyday powerpoint that most of us see in our letures. Prezi is a great in the classroom because to me it seems to be more engageing then the plain jane powerpoints. I think that using prezi in middle and espeically in high school. The reason i say middle and high school is, by the time a student reaches those grade levels they have probably seen 100 different powerpoints, and prezi is more engaging the powerpoint could ever be. Prezi was very useful too many up and coming teachers (students) this semester when we were doing out fact sheets. I think that even if we didn't use the prezi program this semester we will most likely use it at some point in our teaching career. Another way prezi could be an helpful tool is if a techer is teaching something and maybe having a hard time captureing their students attention, they can maybe throw a prezi yp on the screen and the students will most likely be engaged just because it is something different.


  2. I agree with Anonymous! Prezi was such a cool thing that I learned this semester. All I have known up until this class was powerpoint, which is a great way to present information, but prezi is just more from the future I think. Although I was lame and used powerpoint for my Glaucoma presentation, I can say that I enjoyed the prezi presentations more than I did the powerpoint. Especially for younger students, prezi is better if you want to keep their attention longer, with the designs you can use, and different patterns, there will always be something new for them to look at. When I have my own classroom, I want to be something different, new and refreshing to my students. I want to be up to date with all the new technology, and prezi is the big new thing.

    Libby H

  3. Sara Z
    I like the different option that Preszi presents and how user friendly Preszi is to both computer savy and non-savy friends. I think that younger students can be introduced to Prezi at the same time as Powerpoint. I feel that the more options that an educator can provide to his or her students will allow for increased diversity, increased differentation possibilities, and decreased boredom. I believe that education is about providing students with the tools and opportunities in which he or she needs in order to meet their full potential academically and socially. Another part of an educator's role is to help prepare students for life beyond the classroom. I feel that Preszi is a free resource that has many different applications. When compared to a traditional powerpoint a Preszi has different exciting fonts and a video can be directly implanted into a Preszi unlike with a traditional powerpoint. I feel that both resources are effective and generally user friendly however as a special educator it is essential to provide students with the most options in order to greater differentiate. I vote yes for Preszi's!!

  4. The Preszi is fantastic, engaging learning and teaching tool for students and teachers all over. Preszi is completely user-friendly and has hundreds of different options to make your own Preszi personal and compatible for your students and the topics that you are teaching. This option is great as an educator because it is a fantastic option as opposed to giving a standard power point presentation, or giving handouts. After sitting through a few Preszi presentations, I was completely motivated to learn how to use the program and make a few on my own! I think that Preszi's would be helpful to those students who have trouble concentrating, especially those with ADD or ADHD. This program with help you take your classroom to the next level!
    Shelby J.

  5. this is a great way to get kids involved and interested in learning. most teachers do power points, but with Prezi you can mix things up in a fun creative way. choose different backgrounds, fonts, and can do any topic the kids are interested in or are learning about. prezi is good for the learners that have attention disorders because prezi puts a power point to the next level and is inviting. Cindy B.

  6. Prezi is a great tool and something new to use in the classroom. It is a fun way to help students participate and become interested in what they are learning. Prezi would help students who may need more review and also students who have a disability because the presentation could be put online which would give students the opportunity to go back and replay it when they need to. Prezi is more engaging than powerpoints because it uses bright background colors and fonts and clever ways to present the information.

    Joy W.

  7. Very nice! Powerpoint is used so often today, that it can become very dull and boring for students. Prezi helps by providing an "engaging alternative," as you wrote. I can't wait until I get the chance to use it for a presentation!

    - Jon T.