Mod Podge for Education

A perfect world:  Combining crafts and education into one.  Craftucation, I might call that.  Me?  I craftucator.


To bridge my two  three loves, I combined Mod Podge, some basic craft supplies and my trusty assistant, little O.  Our task:  To make something that is crafty and educational.

Hmmm...what to create?  How about a reflective tool?

At our local craft store, Jo-Ann, we located these fabulously, inexpensive wood blanks.  Jo-Ann had so many shapes and sizes.  I think we paid $.29 for each wood blank.

Next, little O and I painted them with acrylic paints we had around the house. 

Using leftover scraps of patterned paper, little O traced each shaped and I cut out the shapes.  We broke out a must-have, craft companion...Mod Podge!  Here you can see little O gluing on the patterned paper to the painted wood blanks.  Mod Podge is a craftucator's best friend.

After letting the Mod Podge dry (about 20 minutes), this is what they looked like.  Kind of fresh & engaging, no?

To help transform these gems into a reflective tool to be used in the classroom, little O traced more shapes for me.  This time, she used plain, colored paper.

I then cut out the traced shapes and wrote reflective prompts on them in black Sharpie marker.  The reflective prompts included:
  • Describe the main idea from today's lesson.
  • Describe something new you learned today.
  • Explain two new terms from today's lesson.
  • How can you apply today's lesson?
  • What other topics relate to today's lesson?
  • Why is today's lesson important to you?
  • How would you improve today's lesson?

Don't you love reflective questions?

The finished product, the reflective prompt side, looks like this......

To protect these Mod Podge, craftucation treasures, little O and I brushed on two layers of Mod Podge on each side.  We let the Mod Podge dry about 20 minutes between layers.  They are sealed and student-proof now!

Not that my college students are destructive, however, now they can happily risk a vanilla-soy-latte being spilled on them.

Oh, craftucation and happiness!

PS - I just used this reflective tool with my college students after teaching a lesson about identifiying gifted and talented students in preK-12 settings.  When I polled my college students about the tool they described the colorful prompts as "cool, fun, unique and playful."  More happiness.

PSS - Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  I personally don't need a week because I appreciate you all the time.  True.