Free business cards

Many school districts are cutting back on "non-essentials."  I think you having a business card is essential and professional.

Click on a graphic below to create your free, customizable, color business cards. The only thing you pay for is shipping (around $6; US mailing addresses).  What's the catch?  Vistaprint puts a small Vistaprint logo on the back of each card.

Look how sweet this design is.....

How about this one?

Inappropriate for me?  I am more of a truck person.

Just think, if you order now, they'll be in before school begins in the fall.



  1. I've used vistaprint alot over the years for school and personal use. You can get some great deals !

  2. I like to use ANYTHING from the recycling trash can.....A favorite/empty GLASS SNAPPLE BOTTLES.....paint them with glue,roll in glitter, tissue paper for beautiful vase. OR fill halfway with sand, cap, then add little trinkets and give to someone with a list to "find" trinkets....Egg cartons, nice plastic container. Everything has a purpose, or several purposes!!! I am saving all junk jewelry, and wish to put into useful stepping stones in my yard, someday. And the jewelry comes in handy anytime anybody is working on a craft......Hot glue, can't live without it! LizT