Best of Show: Upcycled Education

Most of the blogs I read do a "best of" series at some point.  I thought I'd try my hand at one.  What's lovely about blogging on Blogger is Google keeps track of all sorts of statistics for me.  For example, I can see which posts are the most viewed, which search terms readers use to find Upcycled Education and from which countries viewers hail.

Did you know our sweet, lil blog Upcycled Education has viewers from over 20 different countries?  With the United States, Canada, India and UK readers heading the pack, the blog has also attracted readers from Germany, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa, Greece, Romania, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Denmark - to name a few.  Upcycled Education goes internationale - in spelling, too, apparently.

Ready to countdown the top five, most viewed blog posts on Upcycled Education?

I am seriously still addicted to this freebie font website.  Three case-in-points, the photos in this post.  See the cool fonts I used in all of them?  The tippy-top font used on the train track photo is "St. Andrew."  The middle script font used with little O modeling is "ChopinScript."  The last font used with the flowers is "Woodcut."  I literally keep a list of the fonts I download taped to the wall in my studio, so I remember the unique names of my favs.

On my to-do list next week is to make a couple of presents for friends using this post.  This summer, you could make your own artwork and have them ready to hang-up in your classroom just in time for back-to-school in the fall.

I am not surprised this post made it into the best of show.  Dr. Mitra is brilliant and his work can be applied to just about any educational setting.  If you didn't get a chance to watch the TED talk included in this post, treat yourself.  By the way, I have the TED phone app and it is the perfect way to watch TED talks on the go.  Actually, I headphone up sometimes while I am washing the dishes at home and listen/semi-watch a TED talk.  Not only am I tidying up the kitchen, but I also enter a state of flow.  Remember this post?

There may be two reasons this post ranked so high on Upcycled Education.  One, it was our first giveaway.  Two, because it rocks.  Check out Presenter Media when you want to snazzify your PowerPoint presentations.  Remember, they offer an educator's discount, since this is a pay, subscription service.

And the #1 top post, best of show on Upcycled Education.....

#1 - Montessori Education, Part II
I could cry.  You know how I love - wait, that needs more emphasis - L-O-V-E Montessori education.  If you haven't read this post or Part I of it, you must.  Ms. J and Ms. Z did a fantabulous, amazing job explaining Montessori education.  I have literally never received so many emails and thank yous about the post.  This shows the power of this "best in show" post - to demystify Dr. Montessori's classic and pure methodologies.

I'm off to celebrate the top five with an early morning road bike ride....

My best,