Wolfram Alpha for Tech Tuesday

Howdy.  Ready for Tech Tuesday?  Today's gem is going to blow your socks off.  Or if you are like me right now, your bunny slippers.

Say, "Hi" to Wolfram Alpha - a free, computation engine.  Wolfram Alpha takes data, computations, algorithms, and other information and allows its users, you, me and our students, to access the information succinctly.  You can ask Wolfram Alpha to solve an equation, convert units of measure, or give updated information and statistics like the latest unemployment figures, the weather in Tokyo, the definition of the word "granular," and the list goes on.  Click here to see a plethora of examples; This online engine is incredible.

My college students use Wolfram Alpha to grab fast facts, explore stats and check their math homework.  I like to use it to sound smart on the fly and for personal entertainment.  My colleague, Prof. H, showed me how to type your name into the Wolfram Alpha search window and see all the stats for it.  Did you know "Jen" is an impact crater on Mars and people with the name "Jennifer" total about 1.4 million worldwide?  We could make a whole country of Jennifers and live in Jenville!  See for yourself below.

You can learn more about Wolfram Alpha in this video narrated by Stephen Wolfram, its founder.

I think it's pretty fun to just start typing random stuff in the search window and see what Wolfram Alpha generates.

Greetings from Jen City,

Jen - the mayor!


  1. I have actually was told about wolfram by a frien a couple of semester ago, but totally forgot about it until it was a tech tuesday lesson. I still am in amazement with how wolfram works. I find it interesting how you could type a math problem into the box and it could solve it for you. It also amazing how you can type in your name to the box and it can tell you how many people have your name in the world. In my opinion this program would be a great tool to use for just about any type of lesson. For example, you could type in math, science or even geography and it would be able to help your students even when you the teacher may not be there to anwser questions.We didn't really spend a lot of time in class on wolfram but, this would tie into, class projects that you may need to have stat on,and show you graphs on how many kids had autism for instance.


  2. Wolfram Alpha is such a neat tool to use if you're doing a research paper or need just simple statistics or definition. Wolfram could possibly take over Google, especially if you need that one answer to your math problem that you just don't understand! I love that you can search many topics. In a classroom, this site would be great for students to use if they're doing projects on a famous person such as Christopher Columbus. Students could make a poster of what they learned and present it to the class.

    Marissa Miller

  3. Sara Z.
    Wolfram Alpha is a great learning tool for students for it provides a wealth of knowledge at the click of a mouse! I love how simple it is to use, appealing to students of virtually all ages. I think it great to use for special needs children in that Wolfram Alpha goes into great detail giving the student practially everything one could ever want to know on a subject in a neat organized way. This makes it so the student is not overwhelmed with data but since many students with special needs are also gifted and talented a student can take thair curosity and thirst for knowledge to the next level. I think this is a great research tool and can and should be applied to numerous age groups. Excitement over education is something that needs to harbored by educators both in special needs classrooms and in general education classroom in all age ranges. I think that Wolfram Alpha brings some excitement to conducting research. While I do not look forward to writing my next research paper I do look forward to using Wolfram Alpha!

  4. Wolfram Alpha is such a wonderful resource. I think all students should use it. It is a great alternative to wikipedia which is not accepted or allowed in our school systems. It gives great, useful information on just about anything in just seconds. It is safe, reliable and easy to use. It has already helped me on many assignments and is good for all ages!

  5. I've seriously used this so many times since you showed it in class. It has been really helpful for school work and just personal use. It is a great thing to show to your students because it is so easy to use and the information is a reliable source.

    -Nina H

  6. I feel like Wolfram Alpha was made for me. I've always been easily fascinated by interesting facts and statistics and love to share them with my friends and family. Some day, I hope to share them with my students as well! Wolfram Alpha is an easy way to allow your students to conduct research from a controlled source. So cool!

    - Jon T.

  7. Wolfram Alpha is a technological god send! I absolutely adore this resource! Wolfram Alpha is a fantastic resource for individuals with learning differences, dyscalculia, autism, the list goes on and on. It is a beneficial resource for all subjects and abilities. It’s concise and visually stimulating format makes information/solutions more accessible, and easier to understand. Its graphs, illustrated formulas and explanations are perfect for the research and study of visual learners. This is a great resource to aid in calculation especially math and science based. It is a fabulous tool in checking work and aiding in understanding through research and in-depth examples. The only adverse inkling I received after learning about this incredible source is that I wish I was aware of its insistence sooner !!

    Katrina M.

  8. Wolfram Alfa is a brilliant site!! It helpsz with problems and helps you to understand the issue. I think that it relates to the class because it is another resource to use.

    T yargus

  9. Wolfram Alfa is another tool that I find handy for the classroom. I could show my students how to use it and then they can use it to find information they'll need through out the year for homework and research papers. They could also use this tool to go back over their work and check to make sure they got the right answer, if they didn't they could learn how to do it correctly (if it's math). This tool could help break down a problem for a child to learn and better understand it so they can grow in their knowledge.

    Jaimee S.