Wolfram Alpha for Tech Tuesday

Howdy.  Ready for Tech Tuesday?  Today's gem is going to blow your socks off.  Or if you are like me right now, your bunny slippers.

Say, "Hi" to Wolfram Alpha - a free, computation engine.  Wolfram Alpha takes data, computations, algorithms, and other information and allows its users, you, me and our students, to access the information succinctly.  You can ask Wolfram Alpha to solve an equation, convert units of measure, or give updated information and statistics like the latest unemployment figures, the weather in Tokyo, the definition of the word "granular," and the list goes on.  Click here to see a plethora of examples; This online engine is incredible.

My college students use Wolfram Alpha to grab fast facts, explore stats and check their math homework.  I like to use it to sound smart on the fly and for personal entertainment.  My colleague, Prof. H, showed me how to type your name into the Wolfram Alpha search window and see all the stats for it.  Did you know "Jen" is an impact crater on Mars and people with the name "Jennifer" total about 1.4 million worldwide?  We could make a whole country of Jennifers and live in Jenville!  See for yourself below.

You can learn more about Wolfram Alpha in this video narrated by Stephen Wolfram, its founder.

I think it's pretty fun to just start typing random stuff in the search window and see what Wolfram Alpha generates.

Greetings from Jen City,

Jen - the mayor!