Icon Finder for Tech Tuesday

Hello!  Are you on Spring Break?  Better yet, are you reading this blog post on Spring Break?  If yes to the first question - yahoo!  Enjoy yourself.  If yes to the second question - you are a true rock star!  Reading this blog on your break?  I am blushing.

Since I want you to refuel your mind and spirit, I will make today's blog post lickety-split.  Just about everything online these days has a nifty, little icon that goes with it.  Why be borongo (Spring Break language for "boring")?  Add some life to those icons with Icon Finder.

See?  Aren't these making you hungry and happy?

What about these?  Do they make you miss your students and classroom?

Does anyone want to start a class blog or social media campaign with these fun ones?

To learn about the copyright uses of each icon on Icon Finder, simple click on the "info" link associated with the icon.  To download, choose either a file format of "png" for Mac and Photoshop users or "ico" for Windows users.  For all my online educators, you will need to experiment with which file format works for your LMS (learning management system).  That is way too fancy talk for Spring Break minds.


Now, go enjoy yourself.  You deserve it.