Digital Footprints

Since we chatted about the iGeneration a few weeks ago, if you haven't had this conversation with your students (or children), do talk with them about the digital footprint they leave behind on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Flickr, etc. 

(Photo by liknes)
This post by another educator, Sean Banville, has a good description of digital footprints and the need for increased awareness about them.

Actually, reading Sean's post made me rethink some of my blog posts.  Especially my sassy ones.




  1. Our students today are digital natives and if you are teaching upper elementary they would also be in Erikson's Initiative vs. Guilt / Industry vs. Inferiority. This is a time when self-concept and self-esteem come into play and can be quite fragile. It is such a good idea to constantly remind your students (or children) that what they choose to put on the internet is permanent and they need to be thoughtful of all that they post.

  2. It has become all too common for today's teens to post personal or offensive commentary, leaving a digital footprint that will follow themselves or their peers for years to come. The desire to seek attention and the approval of their peers seems to have become far more important that their self respect. Parents and teachers need to give constant reminders and educate students of the ramifications to their online posts.

  3. This is especially true, certainly in todays world. People, jobs, and schools are just one click away from seeing your life stories, or that of what you choose to post onto the internet. This is less geared to our little ones but even more important for our highschool students to be aware of. As they are looking at colleges and jobs for thier future employments these tweets and comments on facebook could alter them finding most jobs if not one at all. Be smart all for what you allow the world to see! I myself might consider deleting my profiles when it comes time to go job seeking.

    -Carrie W.

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