Dear Crayola

To Whom This May Concern,

Please send me a case of the following items.  I am a teacher and need them for my classroom.

Window crayons and markers so we can thematically decorate our boring windows.....

Fabric markers as my students and I want to make lesson t-shirts.  They sure would be fun to wear on test days.

I could really use some help spicing up my dry-erase boards.  I think these bold color dry-erase markers would do just the trick.

Multicultural markers so we can....accurately represent diverse skin tones from around the world?  Really?  OK, I will try anything once.

My college students think I am the coolest professor when I take them outside for class on a sunny day .  This sidewalk chalk would be great for lesson review and reflection; Students could visually draw their understanding and the whole campus could walk by and stare and be envious.

Would you say Model Magic smells as good as Playdoh?  My kinesthetic learners would be elated to sculpt their learning. 

I don't mean to be presumptuous, but if there is any room left in the boxes you send, can you throw in a Glow Station for little O?  This looks like a great item for a long car ride.

By the way, little O and I are big Crayola fans.  See your Window Crayons at work?

Thank you, Crayola.




  1. Sidewalk chalk?! What a fabulous idea for my kids--they could express themselves (like you said), show off their work (like you said), and be outside in the sunny weather where they are dying to go anyways. I think it would be really wonderful if they were creating huge adds or slogans for a topic we learned about (like global warming, or acid rain...nice!). Thanks for the idea!

  2. Did it work??? Did Crayola send you the essential learning requirements???

    I LOVE the window markers!!!! I used them all through college to study and I use the fabric ones in my classroom when we are drawing the parts of the body!!!!

  3. Jenna - I love your idea about creating huge sidewalk chalk ads or slogans.

    Emily - I have not heard back from Crayola, but I am hopeful :) How lovely that you are already embracing Crayola's lineup.


  4. These are all PERFECT for my art classes. I'd like to use the fabric markers on a pillowcase to encourage students to DREAM about learning. I would also love to use the Glow Station simply because it looks awesome.

  5. Forgot my name again. Sorry..

    Rebekah H.

  6. Bonus:
    I have found that using window markers are good for teaching color mixing to pre-k and kindergarteners. by taking two colors and mixing it on the window using the window markers.It is a way for teacher to think out side of the box and be come creative.
    ~Kim Butler

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