Animoto: Tech Tuesday

Why have I waited so long to share this fantastic, free web-based tool?  This one is a crowd pleaser with students (and grandparents alike - believe me, you can make personal videos, too).  Who doesn't like a well-paced, photo-laden, music-toting video? 

Case in point, check out the video below I made especially for you.  I chose photos from Animoto's photo library (though, you could upload your own), added a handful of text slides, chose a snappy song (Animoto has many to choose from though you could upload your own favorite) and clicked "done."  Animoto mixed it and did all the rest while I folded laundry - yes, the life of a blogger and mom.....

One of my graduate students who I virtually adore, Anamika, created this Animoto video for her middle school science classes.  Click on the image below to learn about physical changes, Animoto-Anamika-style.

Anyone can join Animoto for free and make 30-second videos.  However, educators can apply for a free educator's license and make unlimited, full-length videos - which is my favorite (and Anamika's) as we like our videos longer.  The educator's license is good for up to 50 people (students and the teacher) and lasts for six months.

BUT, I have a gift for you, ready?  Animoto sent me my educator's license.  If you want to be one of my fifty people, use the following code when you sign-up for Animoto "Plus."  The code is:
a4elara2fb082; be sure to select the "Plus" plan.  All students, educators, parents, grandparents, non-profit types and assorted others are welcome to be part of my fifty.

Remember I said you could make personal videos, too?  This one, last Mother's Day, was a real tear-jerker.  It stars my whole family including little O and P.  I uploaded the photos, added a few text slides, chose the heart-wrenching song and the "winding vines" background - Animoto did all the rest.  My family now thinks I'm a rock star.  My mom said this confirms I'm a rock star.

Go Animoto it up,



  1. I used the animoto link and got my own subscription. I showed my students Anamika's videos when we were learning them and students really enjoyed them and liked the examples. I'm excited for the ability to make my own, as I am confident that it will increase the engagement, and hopefully understanding, of content!

  2. Eliza - I am thrilled you used Anamika's Animoto video in your class. Maybe you could post of link of one of your own you make.

    I'd love to see,

  3. I love the idea of using this in a classroom setting. I feel that using it along with other methods of teaching can really help all the different kinds of learners. Using a video will definitely appeal to the visual and hearing learners.

    ps I think I'm stealing your idea for mothers day =]

    -Nina H

  4. Animoto is my favorite tool! I'd definitely use this within the classroom because it allows my students to find things they're interested in and do a project on it. This way they can do an entire presentation through pictures and text (but this would only work for a few projects). This would also be a great way to broadcast class field-trips, work, and holiday celebrations. For younger children, animoto would be a great way to show parents what their children do through out the day and school year.

    Jaimee S.

  5. I think that animoto is a great tool to use in the classroom setting. I think that students will enjoy being able to see the lesson and materials in a very visually appealing form. I also think that animoto is a great tool for students to use for creating presentations. This is a great way to get students using technology on a simple level that looks better and is just as easy to create as a power point presentation. I think that this will appeal to visual and auditory learners when a teacher uses it for a presentation, and will appeal to tactile students when they are preparing their own presentations.

    Kristen W.