Preparing for St. Patty's Day

I thought I would never be one of those teachers (or moms) who lived from one holiday to another, alas, I have semi-become that educator.  I still don't wear decorative sweaters for each holiday, but I am unafraid of celebratory artwork. 

Option #1:  "Lucky" artwork from the Funky Polkadot Giraffe blog

I love the upcycled buttons in this one.  Wouldn't this one be cute framed or as a gift?  In the meantime, you could do a quick color print on your home printer and hang the artwork on your classroom door.  Your students are "lucky" to have you, aren't they?  To access, click on the image below and download the file.  You can choose from three different sizes to print thanks to Kyla from the Funky Polkadot Giraffe.  I added the green frame around the edge myself for more St. Patrick's day flair.

Option #2:  "Rainbow quote" from the Simple as That blog.

As you can see, I am embracing St. Patrick's day, but not focusing on the "saint" part.  I am all about a good rainbow.  To access, click on the image below and download the file.  From Rebecca, you have just one option on size (though, you could resize it in Publisher or another program).   I added the green frame around the edge myself, again. 

If you have other St. Patty's day artwork leads, please post them in the comments section below. 




  1. Without the rain, there would be no rain. This quote just gave me a nice caffeine boost. As I sit in class for a minute while my students work on their independent practice on the phases of the moon, I find myself falling asleep. I wish I called in sick, but the MSA in science is coming up, so I have to be there every day to teach and review. Nonetheless, I got the energy boost that I need to get me through the rest of class. And it didn't even take an Irish beer to do that...

  2. Jenna - How are you and your students feeling about the upcoming MSAs?

    I laughed when you mentioned not needing an "Irish beer." :)


  3. Professor Lara! You forgot my favorite (scholarly) holiday that occurred this week! I am a huge PI day fan (March 14, 3.14) and tried to make an event of it for my students. We ate pie and celebrated the number in it's uniqueness! Next year, I want to even make a bigger deal and get the math teacher involved too, as math and science require the number pi for many applications.

    Thanks for the artwork--definitely going to be hanging that "without the rain" quote somewhere.... it makes me smile too!