DIY Artwork

If it isn't obvious, I am passionate about education, Colorado, art and craft.  There are probably a whole host of other topics I am passionate about - like Montessori schools - but I will keep it short today.  It is Friday after all, correct?

(Students Rock)

And speaking of which, you have until midnight today, March 4, 2011 to enter the first Upcycled Education giveaway.  Trust me, you want to win this prize.  Click here for the 4-1-1.

In efforts to help you create an inspiring classroom, you and your students need something fun to look at on the walls.  Voila, this customizable artwork (see above) you can create for any content area or any grade level.  I should also add I made these as holiday gifts for some lucky friends and family this year.  Funky and fresh, no?  To make your own artwork, I will link to the online tutorial from the My 3 Monsters blog here.  Amy, the mom to the monsters, used a free program called Gimp to manipulate and resize her images.  I used Microsoft Publisher to do the same and found it quite easy to do.  Here are my value-added tips:
  • Follow Amy's tutorial
  • Use Microsoft Publisher - if you know how
  • Choose a blank 8.5 x 11 document to create; Choose either portrait or landscape orientation
  • Visit Leo Reynold's Flickr stream and choose your letters, numbers or symbols; Download those
  • Insert the downloaded photos into Publisher; Resize as necessary to fit onto your 8.5 x 11 paper
  • Save your document in two ways - as a Publisher file and as a Jpeg file
  • If you save as a Jpeg file, you can go to Costco (great photo prices) or any photo place (even Fedex Kinkos) and have the document enlarged or reduced
  • The artwork looks great in enlarged sizes (11 x 14, for example) and also looks swell framed (look for online for coupons to Michaels or Joanns; I also like IKEA's frames; great prices)
Can you tell I am thinking of Colorado and three sports I like to do there?

Here I am showing off my Spanish....Enjoy life. 

Oh, go have's Friday....Final hours until the giveaway ends and the winner is announced Saturday, March 5th!  Click on the image below for details.


PS - If you missed this post, find more cool (and free) artwork here.