Cloud computing and Common Craft

Are you hooked on Common Craft video tutorials like I am?  I swear they tickle me.  Lee LeFever and his wife, Sachi, are genius in my book.  They take misunderstood topics like cloud computing, as an example, and make them 100% digestible to us, common folk.   I have enjoyed their videos for years.  The earlier videos have more corny hand movements in them.  I must say, I miss the corny hand movements. 

The newer videos, however, tell the story so efficiently.  Take this one on social media.  B-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t-!.

Or this older one on wikis, which has just the right splash of silliness and corny hand movements....

And finally, to understand the it-is-the-rage-of-most-tech-discussions-these-days, do watch this video on cloud computing in education.  You don't want to be left behind, do you?

I'm off to watch more videos on the Common Craft website and Youtube (search words "Common Craft").

....I'm back!  I didn't realize Common Craft creates non-tech videos, too.  This one on Project Based Learning is fantastic.  I had not heard of the Buck Institute for Education - dedicated to Project Based Learning.  S-u-p-e-r.

Yep, you learn something new everyday. 



  1. This is bit of a shout-out to myself right now, but I wrote a grant to incorporate more "project-based-learning" into my classroom. I intend to have students answer physics questions by creating videos about them to explain their answers. These videos then can be used to explain complicated physics topics to future generations of 7th grade students! I think that this video on project-based-learning will be an excellent intro to students, as well as proof to their parents on the value of projects an educational tool.

  2. Oh, Eliza, I love your idea! Brilliant! Great luck on the grant.