Jing for Tech Tuesday

THIS IS MY FAVORITE WEB-BASED TOOL.  Did I say that loudly enough?

Jing rocks.  Plain and simple.

Jing allows you to create free five-minute screencasts and take screenshots with ease.  A screencast is a digital recording of your computer screen.  That means, anything you do on your screen could be recorded and shared with others.  I use this ALL the time with students (and my mom - more on her later).  I use Jing in a variety of ways:

  • Walk students through how to access online course information
  • Teach students how to do something (like remove hyperlinks or create APA-friendly title pages)
  • Give quick instructions via a screenshot
  • Offer verbal feedback on a student's work (I don't have permission from students to share those examples publicly but basically students submit an assignment electronically to me and instead of typing or handwriting comments to them, I speak and walk them through their assignment while Jing records it).  Then, I save via the "share" option and simply send the URL/link to students in an email. This description sounds 100x more complicated than it really is.  Trust me.
  • Teach a colleague how to add shapes and animation in PowerPoint (this is just Part I of this particular mini-lesson)
  • Drop subtle hints to my husband I am ready for a road trip to Colorado.  Shocking.

Jing is absolutely free and their online tutorials are a must watch as they are short and to-the-point.  I would start with their first tutorial; I have no doubt you will be a pro in no time.  My department did splurge and buy me Jing Pro for $14.95/year.  Though the Jing banner ad that appears at the top of the free version isn't uber-annoying, I like my Jings banner-free.  Plus, you can easily upload your Jings to Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter (and add webcam footage) with the Pro version.  However, keep it simple and start with the free version (again, trust me).

To narrate your screencasts, you do need a microphone.  I use a headset with attached mic that I received free at a workshop a few years ago.  My point is most any microphone will do.

Operators are standing by.....He he he.....

By the way, my mom has gotten more tech savvy over the years, but when she can't figure out how to do something on her computer, she calls me.  The best way to teach her, I have found is Jing.  So, I tell her to give me five minutes.  I put on my mic, record a Jing (about how to use Excel, create a new document, etc) and send her the link via email.  She thinks I am a tech rock star :)

Fooled her.



  1. You totally are a rock star! That's awesome that you help your mom become computer literate! Your blog is really inspiring me to do different things in my life. Thanks for following your heart to show others how its done.

  2. Stacy - I love your enthusiasm. And do check out Jing sometime. You might fall in love, too, if you haven't already.

    Best to you,

  3. This would be a really great tool to use when giving students directions. Especially students who cannot take notes because they will be able to see directly what the pages look like and how to access them. In class you stated that giving visuals while teaching is always helpful and this is a perfect way to do that! Many students have photographic memories as well. So this tool is great so help them remember what they are supposed to be doing.

    Zoe Nardo

  4. Jing is a great tool for teachers everywhere. Jing is an extremely interactive way to give directions, elaborate instructions, or teach lessons to those students who may be in need of extra help. It would also great way to present mini lessons to a class. I found Prof. Lara's Jings to be extremely helpful while taking her Special Education Course. The Jing's not only helped to explain how to use certain programs and softwares, but also allowed me to realize just how completely helpful Jing is as well! This would be ideal for students who willhave extended absences in classes, or for those who are unable to take notes. This is better than notes or work being sent home because it is the closest one can get to the classroom without physically being there. Check Jing out!
    Shelby J.

  5. Jing is a great tool to use! I think it would be very helpful to all students because it is user-friendly and it provides the opportunity to add pictures and text when working on any kind of project. Jing can also help students with disabilities because it gives verbal and visual feedback. I think that is more helpful because you are watching something and listening to instructions. For me personally, if I hear someone explain something to me I learn and understand much better. Plus, Jing is free! Very cool and inexpensive tool to use both at home and in the classroom!

    Joy W.

  6. Especially with the way everything is advancing technologically these days, by the time I am a teacher this could be really helpful. You can do projects on computers and they have step by step instructions at their fingertips. I think I will be trying that out when the time comes!

    -Nina H

  7. What a great tool! Jing is a wonderful way to appeal to children with multiple intelligences. Some students have difficulty with written instructions or with reading in general, but, with Jing, teachers can very easily fix that by creating step-by-step visuals and audio in just a few minutes.

    - Jon T.

  8. Jing is a great tool to use for providing lesson plans for substitutes and also instruction. A teacher could use the free Jing version and make five minute lessons and instruction for her students to complete with the substitute. Have each lesson is taught and class work achieved the substitute can play another lesson short for the class to learn. It would be as though the teacher is actually there teaching the class (minus the availability for asking questions). This resource is a fantastic method for conveying instruction by a comprehensible means for individuals with learning differences, autism, dyscalculia, dyslexia, Down’s syndrome, and much more the benefits are endless for any degree of need!

    Katrina M.

  9. Jing would be a great tool to use within the classroom through out the year. A teacher would love to use Jing, one because it's free and they don't have to pay more money to provide something for their students. It's a great tool that could allow teachers to post instructions about projects, or homework for the day. Since it is so easy to make a screencast a teacher could have it made in seconds, post it and the students are ready to follow instructions. Jing could also be used when students have to do 2-5 minute presentations about a topic. They could gather information and make a screencast.

    Jaimee S.

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