Graphics Fairy

My husband and I have a 5.5 year old little girl.  On the blog, I refer to her as little O.  Little O sometimes refers to her age as 5.5.  How 21st century of her, no?  30% of little O's time is spent dreaming of fairies (and mermaids).  Yesterday when the HVAC repair guy came to our house, I even referred to him as a "serious tinker fairy."  That made little O smile.  And the repair guy.

Since my life is steeped in fairy- and mermaid-hood, it makes sense I visit the Graphics Fairy often and like to download her finds - graphics.  The Graphics Fairy, aka:  Karen, posts daily and highlights interesting graphics dated pre-1923.  She cleverly does so to avoid copyright laws as the images from that time period (and before) fall under "public domain."  Of course, in education, teachers have that fair-use-I-am-educator-using-this-one-per-student leeway, but sometimes I use my stuff over-and-over again, thousands of students later - using public domain materials is safer and....prudent.

Check out the Graphics Fairy and see what you think.  I mix in vintage graphics in my handouts, documents and presentations just to keep my students guessing and engaged.  Variety is the spice of life.  Do you agree?  Special tip:  Within the Graphic Fairy's web page, you can search for graphics or look at specific categories of graphics; look for the search window and categories on the right side of the web page.

If you are looking for backgrounds, Karen does offer the Background Fairy site, too. In fact, the blog header above is mostly artwork I downloaded  from Karen's site.  Thanks, Graphics Fairy.

Guess what?  The Graphics Fairy herself visited Upcycled Education and left a comment below! 

Friday love and pixie dust,