Doodle for Tech Tuesday

Is it just me or does anyone else have a difficult time setting meeting dates and times that work for everyone?  Sometimes it takes ten or more emails for my colleagues and I to reach consensus on an inclusive meeting date. When I am organizing a "Girls Night Out" or a family get-together, the same email barrage happens.  Things are going to change today.

Say "adios" to the email-derrumba.  Since I taught in Quito, Ecuador for a year, I figure I can throw in Spanish words here or there to show-off.  Today's Tech Tuesday, free web tool is going to change how you set meetings, nights out and family dinners.  Say "hola" to Doodle.

Doodle is a free, web-based scheduler that enables you - the user - to set meeting dates with multiple people with ease.  You don't even need a log-in or password (I log-in because I typically have multiple Doodles scheduling at once).

To begin, go to Doodle and "Schedule an event."  Next, choose your possible meeting dates.  Though completely selfish, I always start with all the possible meeting dates that work for me.  You can see my choices in green below.

Next, choose possible meeting times.  You can add up to five different time slots per day.  You do add your own "pm" or "am" descriptor.  I once scheduled a meeting for 5am!  Yikes.  My bad.

Lastly, Doodle generates two web links:  one for your invitees and one for you, the amazing administrator.  I usually copy and paste the participant link into an email and send it to my invitees.  Then, they all respond via the link and voila (is that Spanish?  Ha!), you check back (via the administrator link provided) to see what the consensus date and time are for the meeting.

Que fantastico, no? (I couldn't figure out how to get the accent or the other upside-down question mark for this phrase.  If you have a doctorate in Spanish Composition, please educate me).

Ahora (or "now," for you non-Spanish speakers), go try Doodle today.  If you prefer a two minute video about Doodle than my above ramblings, click here.

Off to schedule a Girls Night Out meeting,

PS - One week until the first Upcycled Education giveaway begins! Get ready to win!