Long term thinking (or how teachers, like me, think)

I am a teacher.  I have been for the past 15 years.  It all started as a sleep-away camp counselor at Camp Highlander (see happy, smiling me below) outside Asheville, North Carolina.  Actually, it probably started when I was five years old playing "school" with my sister, Dana. 


Teaching has gleefully taken me to suburban Denver, the Navajo Nation, Quito, Ecuador, inner-city Baltimore, the slopes of Aspen Highlands, ropes courses around the U.S. and now to a fantastic community college and university in the Maryland-Washington, DC area.

I think like a teacher.  Act like a teacher.  Enjoy being a teacher.  That means for me, long term thinking happens in "semester" increments.  Either 9- or 15-weeks at a time.

One day, I will think in school years.

Long term, for the next 15 weeks, I will tackle blogging.  Upcycled education is my theme - taking vintage teaching & learning ideas and freshening them up for the 21st century.  Sit back, enjoy, put these into practice and do leave comments when you have something to say or add to the conversation.

Who doesn't love a new teaching & learning idea or a vintage one with a fresh, 21st century spin?

Ready to spin,