Free art for your classroom

Who doesn't love free?  Who doesn't like an aesthetically pleasing classroom? 

Simple: Go to Feed Your Soul.  Browse the free art work, print, and post in your classroom.  I wanted crisp copies of the artwork, so I saved the PDF files onto a flash drive and had FedEx Kinko's - with their ultra-clear printers - print them out for 69 cents a page.  A bargain if you and your students like them.

If you are looking for an inexpensive gift for a friend or colleague, these are super framed, too.  IKEA and craft stores like Joann and Michaels have great frames and low price-points.  Of course, don't buy anything at Joann or Michael without a 40% off coupon.  That would be so pedestrian if you did.  Need a Joann coupon, click here.  You're welcome ;)

Enjoy the weekend!  See you on Tech Tuesday next week.